Monday, June 25, 2007

Vote for me

Please go to and vote for my photo:

Navigate to the 'Shots of Summer' part of the site and then to 'Voting Gallery'. You'll see my photo. Click on it to vote.
We want to win a trip to the Sam Adams Brewery! Wahoo!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Traveling with an infant

Owen and I are just about to head out on Owen's FIRST PLANE TRIP. More excitingly for me, its my first plane trip where I am 'That lady with the screaming child'. Hurrah!

We are heading up to NH to see my family, including my brother Jim, his girlfriend and their new house (which he will hopefully close on tomorrow). Also we are attending Melissa's baby shower! She's 32 weeks pregnant right now (not that you would know it from surfing her blog!!) which is right about the time that I broke my foot, I reminded her. Hopefully she escapes that fate especially since she'll be super pregnant in June and July and not November and December. Ankle swelling much more of a problem now!

Anyhow, wish us luck! We're getting back on Monday. Brian will be here holding down the fort.