Thursday, May 31, 2007

Its bad.

Brian is fairly oblivious when it comes to fashion. Or the maintenance of personal appearances. He's not a horrendous slob but he will let his hair get RIDICULOUSLY long and stupid looking and THEN try to cut it himself.

(Oh dear god, look at this picture from about a year ago and tell me that I am mistaken. If we hadn't been there for our ANNIVERSARY I think I would have ditched him)

And also, wear vendor t-shirts and shorts to work every day as if he were a grad student. Anyhow. Brian will let himself look like whatever, but he does notice when other people look REALLY bad. I enjoy it when we're in a public place and he points someone out to me and is like, "I cannot believe she is wearing that." You know you look like crap when BRIAN notices your fashion transgressions.

And so you can imagine how embarassed I was when we were sitting at dinner the other day and he asked me to look down at the table again. And then said 'Oh my god, your roots are horrible!'

Oh bummer.

Mehrun's a goner. He lost to a long haired construction worker!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is... we're dorks?

I mentioned in my last post (I think) (also, OMG! Two posts within the same week! Unheard of!) that Brian and I have become a little bit obsessed with Jeopardy! You would think that watching Jeopardy, it being a game show and not really having characters or anything, you wouldn't really be able to get into the actual people playing the game, but alas. We do. Because: we're dorks. We liked the last guy who was a champ for a while (5 days I think?) whose name I forget, but he is seriously the nerdiest guy on the planet. Just imagine the nerdiest guy you can imagine, and it was him. But we loved him and we were really sad when he lost. He was kinda quirky in his nerdiness.

Right now we are also in love with the current champ, Mehrun. We love him because he is from New Hampshire, and I am from New Hampshire! We love him because he is from DURHAM, NH and we are in DURHAM, NC! We also love him because he makes hilarious faces at the camera, both at the beginning when they are introducing the contestants, and during Final Jeopardy! when he has finished writing his answer. Right now he has made just shy of $100,000 in 4 days of winning and we hope he keeps winning and that he comes back in the Tournament of Champions and plays our friend the nerdy guy. Because (and I think we've established this pretty well here), we're dorks.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My once monthly post

Its that time of month again! No, not THAT time.

A lot and not much has been going on here. I mean, Owen is just about 5 months old now. Can you believe that? We can't. He's doing great. He's bene in daycare for a month now and its going pretty well. And more to the point, I'm doing pretty well with it too. Not the first day, which was filled with many tears. Or even the first week (okay two) which was filled with even more tears and also worry about what he was doing all day. I had been going over to feed Owen on my lunch break and it seemed like every time I went over there (or to pick him up) he was sitting in the swing sleeping. I got myself all worried that he was so unfussy that he was just getting stuck in the swing all day and forgotten about. Of course, this is not true, I just happened to be coming over when he was taking one of his regular naps and that week they happened to be using the swing pretty heavily for his naps. Which is fine. Now these last couple of weeks Owen has learned how to shriek with this horrible, ear piercing scream and he's quite fond of doing this when you put him down for a nap or to go to sleep at night. So then I started to worry that Owen had become the "bad kid" in his class. Hee. How fast they change.

Actually, it seems that Owen might have become so screamy because he's getting his first tooth! It just poked through, we just noticed it this morning.

My brother and his girlfriend are in the process of buying a house - OMG! Jim's a grownup! Owen and I are traveling up to NH in 2 weeks so we can go to Melissa's baby shower, and we're looking forward to seeing Jim and Sara and their new house. I'm a little worried about making Owen's first plane trip by myself, but I'm sure it will be fine. Then in July we're going to Chicago for my cousin's wedding. All three of us are going on that trip. We'll get to see bunches of relatives and family friends then, and we're also looking forward to meeting my other cousin's new son Caleb (he's ~2 months older than Owen I think?)

I'm giving a talk on Tuesday for work and I'm totally not ready. Ack! In fact, that is theoretically what I am doing now while Owen takes a nap. And yet, here I am blogging.

For this Memorial Day weekend we're going to two barbecues at various peoples houses. One is this afternoon, one is on Monday. The weather is really great here this weekend which is nice. Our friends left sunny wonderful Durham and went to Iowa for Memorial Day and I saw on the news this morning that its totally raining there (ha!).

All of our TV is over for the season which is both good and a bummer. The Heroes finale was kinda crap I thought but we liked the Lost finale (we always like Lost, I never know why people complain about it so much!). We're totally obsessed with watching Jeopardy now. It comes on right about when Owen goes to bed so thank god for DVR!

Okie dokie, Owen just woke up!