Thursday, May 31, 2007

Its bad.

Brian is fairly oblivious when it comes to fashion. Or the maintenance of personal appearances. He's not a horrendous slob but he will let his hair get RIDICULOUSLY long and stupid looking and THEN try to cut it himself.

(Oh dear god, look at this picture from about a year ago and tell me that I am mistaken. If we hadn't been there for our ANNIVERSARY I think I would have ditched him)

And also, wear vendor t-shirts and shorts to work every day as if he were a grad student. Anyhow. Brian will let himself look like whatever, but he does notice when other people look REALLY bad. I enjoy it when we're in a public place and he points someone out to me and is like, "I cannot believe she is wearing that." You know you look like crap when BRIAN notices your fashion transgressions.

And so you can imagine how embarassed I was when we were sitting at dinner the other day and he asked me to look down at the table again. And then said 'Oh my god, your roots are horrible!'

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