Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another funny new comic in the paper

Our paper continues the comics trials. One that we have now I find particularly funny, 'Scary Gary'. It only recently started in our paper, but it appears to be about a vampire and a monster who now live in the suburbs, among normal people. You can read it here.

We also have another one that seems like it might be decent, Pooch Cafe.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Taken in our backyard and at Marbles Kids Museum.




stack four

Buggle in Japan take 2


Thursday, June 05, 2008


I still have two weeks of spinach in my fridge, and yet we are getting MORE SPINACH this week! And more swiss chard! Yow. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I'm feeling like I'm drowning in greens. I have finally admitted defeat with two things (aka thrown them out) (and I wish I could say 'composted them' but I cannot):
a bunch of collards
a head of lettuce

We were planning a dinner with a friend who is also in a CSA. His wife is out of town this week, so he was telling me that he was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the greenery at his house and not knowing what to do with it. Here is an email exchange between us:

me: want to meet up for dinner tonight or tomorrow? i just can't do it on thursday.
Brian: Or D you're welcome to come over to ours and eat lots of leaf. We have lots of leaf, many shades of green leaf, some with yellow veins running through them.
D: far as leaf goes, thanks, but we are fighting our own losing battle. i can't be responsible for eating yours, too.

This week I made swiss chard rolls that I just sort of made up. Mixed a container of ricotta cheese with some pesto and a beaten egg, spread it on some chard leaves, rolled them up like enchiladas and put them in a baking pan. I also made some tomato sauce and put that over the top. It was good, but I think it would have helped to have at least blanched the chard before hand, to make it easier to work with and maybe not release quite so much water (made it a sort of soupy mess).

I also found that chard makes my teeth do the same funny thing that spinach does. They feel like they are dissolving.

I ate a lot of the broccoli in salads and I'm actually mostly caught up with the lettuce, finally. I saved the snow peas, a head of baby bok choi and some broccoli to stirfry, probably tonight. I also sort of made this, which was ADDICTIVE. I used 2x the soba, left out the mixed greens, used extra bok choi, went REALLY EASY on the oil (i think I only used maybe a tablespoon), didn't have any peanuts. It was fantastic. I am totally making it again. We are getting more bok choi this week.

We also had baby turnips cooked the way my boss likes them, in butter. They were tasty.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Going on a cruise!

Melissa and I just signed up for the Manic Mommies Escape 2008!

Manic Mommies is a podcast that is done by two working moms that live in the Boston suburbs. Tiffany got me into it to start with, right around the time I went back to work. The Manic Mommies kept me company on many lonely pumping sessions. Then Melissa had her baby and I got her listening to it too. She said "They remind me of us when we've been drinking." Totally.

Its funny listening to podcasts like this because you totally feel like you know the people, and yet they don't know you at all. One of the Manic Mommies, Erin, lost her sister last year. I sent her an email afterwards because I know what its like, and I sort of feel now like my mission in life is to help out other people who lost siblings. That's a whole other weird post for another time. Anyway, its just strange to feel like someone is one of your very good friends when they don't even know you.

They did the first MM Escape last year and I didn't go, but I totally wished that I had. So this year Melissa and I decided: We're GOING.