Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Remember me?

I feel like there were all these things I was going to tell you and now I can't remember. My brain is not up to full potential I guess, because Owen's sleeping from 8-3 was just a fluke - he's back to waking up at 12:30 or 1 am. Oh well, thats okay. Technically, thats considered 'sleeping through the night' since that only means 5 hours at a time. This is not my definition of it, but oh well. What do I know. They say you should feed the kid in his sleep before you go to bed, but I'd rather drink some wine and know I don't have to feed him for a few hours.

Nothing much is going on anyhow. We had a St. Pat's party (really, seriously, this was brought about because we had a cute outfit for Owen). We had lots of Wii sports playing, which was fun. You know a game system is really cool when people who could not care less about video games leave saying 'I want one of those!'

I'm shopping for a new digital camera. My nice, fancy camera (Sony DSC-H1) crapped out just before Owen was born. It wasn't that old - it was a PhD gift, and I've had my PhD for less than 2 years. I took it into a camera shop for repair but it will cost $250 to fix it, which I'm not convinced is worth it. So we're getting a new one. I am sticking to Sony because I've had three Sony digital cameras so far and I've really liked them all. And also, I've got a memory card for the Sony. They are coming out soon with a new camera and its sort of killing me to wait for it.

Back to work next week! Ack! Only part time for a couple weeks. G-G and Sky King are coming out for 2 weeks in April to watch the Bug so I can work full days for a bit. It will be a good way to get back into it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh, so sad.

I am in love with Tom Hulce. You probably do not know who that is off the top of your head, but he played Mozart in 'Amadeus', my favorite movie EVAH (which I could practically recite by heart, I've seen it so many times) (he was also in 'Animal House', another movie that I like). I don't know if I am really in love with Tom Hulce? Or with Mozart as played by Tom Hulce? Whatever. He was totally cute in that movie with the laugh, and the messy hair, and the wigs, and the piano playing, and the tights...

So you can imagine how unhappy I was to see this. So very unhappy.

Now I can relive the Tom Hulce glory days with my DVD of 'Amadeus' watched on our new HD plasma TV. You see, Owen wanted it, and all the books say that you can't spoil an infant and you should always respond to their needs. So thats all we were doing - being good parents. Today our HD DVR box was installed so we can watch glorious HDTV on our glorious new television.