Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is... we're dorks?

I mentioned in my last post (I think) (also, OMG! Two posts within the same week! Unheard of!) that Brian and I have become a little bit obsessed with Jeopardy! You would think that watching Jeopardy, it being a game show and not really having characters or anything, you wouldn't really be able to get into the actual people playing the game, but alas. We do. Because: we're dorks. We liked the last guy who was a champ for a while (5 days I think?) whose name I forget, but he is seriously the nerdiest guy on the planet. Just imagine the nerdiest guy you can imagine, and it was him. But we loved him and we were really sad when he lost. He was kinda quirky in his nerdiness.

Right now we are also in love with the current champ, Mehrun. We love him because he is from New Hampshire, and I am from New Hampshire! We love him because he is from DURHAM, NH and we are in DURHAM, NC! We also love him because he makes hilarious faces at the camera, both at the beginning when they are introducing the contestants, and during Final Jeopardy! when he has finished writing his answer. Right now he has made just shy of $100,000 in 4 days of winning and we hope he keeps winning and that he comes back in the Tournament of Champions and plays our friend the nerdy guy. Because (and I think we've established this pretty well here), we're dorks.


Special K said...

dude has quite a pair of eyebrows

Owen said...

that he does!