Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whats wrong with pizzelles?

Some people have mentioned that they are tired of looking at my pizzelles. What, you want me to get more than 1 blog posting a month? Are you high?

Okay, well holidays were good, but that is so last month. I will not bore you, and anyway, you've probably read some of our holiday updates on Owen's blog. Here are some things we have done this month:

1. Bought Owen his first pairs of real (i.e. not leather booties) shoes. They cost $50 at Stride Rite. That is more than I spend on my OWN shoes. Then I bought a second pair of Stride Rites online for $30. Much better.
2. Got a new (used) breadmaker and am making first loaf of bread right now, as we speak
3. Am looking for a new job (very leisurely at the moment). Want to hire me? Know anyone who works at a biotech company around here who wants to hire me?
4. Hired a babysitter and went out on the town. Well, to Brian's work party. Not exactly "the town". But it was fancy. That counts!
5. Lots of playdates and fun stuff with my Mommies group
6. Joined the newly starting up (again, for the third time at least) Alpha Xi Delta Triangle Alumnae Association.

Here are some things we have not done this month:

1. Finished our thank you notes from Christmas and Owen's birthday. Yes, that was a month ago. Yes, I have actually written some of them. I wrote them right after his birthday, actually. But I hadn't made an organized list of the gifts he/we got so I was hanging on to the notes until I finished them all, just to make sure I didn't miss any. I have already had to open one of them to amend it because too much time had passed since I had written it, and I'm going to have to do that AGAIN. So yes, thank you, I am just a total flake.
2. Paid our taxes. Still waiting for my tax information.
3. Finished O's baby book. Not even close. But have a scrapbooking night with my Mommy group coming up, so this is my task for then.


Emily said...

You do realize, don't you, that nothing even remotely crafty is going to get done next Tuesday, just like no games were played at your house? But on a positive side, I have ALREADY started cooking food for craft night. We are going to have so many goodies!

Heidi Ellis said...

Ok couple comments here...

1. I enjoyed the artsiness of the photo of the pizzelles, but was beginning to wonder if you actually drowned yourself in them.

2. Holy cow on the $50 for shoes! I'm not prepared for this.

3. I love my breadmaker, yet it takes up a lot of space. It's one of those appliances that tend to be forgotten.

4. Look for jobs near Boston. :D

5. I've been secretly hating you for not sending me a thank you note.

Aimee said...

Some places with good brands, for less--
REI (I like the Merrell Jungle Mocs)
Nordstrom Rack (not in Madison, sigh)
Famous Footwear (New Balance)
Marshall's (Stride Rites for $20)

Amy Walworth said...

I can agree with you on the sticker shock of Stride Rite shoes... I about fell over when I saw that!

Two weeks later I bought Benjamin a pair of Velcro OshKosh shoes at Target for $3.74 on clearance, which I think he likes better. Go figure.