Sunday, March 16, 2008


This weekend I had a couple of things going on. I had a band concert on Saturday afternoon, so I had to plan everything else around that. I made plans with my friend K to go baby clothes shopping at the Carter's store, where they were having a big sale AND I had two 20% off coupons. Wheeeee!

The concert was at 1:30 at Duke. It was an outdoor thing, and it was raining. Yuck. I put on my stupid band outfit, got in the car and started driving through the drizzle. The whole way there I kept thinking, "Ugh. I am just going to turn around and go home." I can think of about ten million things I would rather be doing than sitting outside in the rain playing my oboe. But then my sense of responsibility kicked in, and I kept driving. When I got there I parked in the parking garage. Normally you have to pay for this, but we had been told that it would be free for the band people. Good thing, because I only had a dollar. I got out of the car and started walking towards the chapel, which is where the concert would be. I was about five minutes late and was surprised that I couldn't even hear anyone warming up, or that no one was walking from the parking lot. When I got out in front of the chapel, no one was there. I whipped out my iPhone and checked the email: the concert was on SUNDAY. Duh. So I walked BACK to my car in the rain, paid my only dollar to get out of the parking garage, and went home.

Well, obviously now I could not go to the Carter's outlet on Sunday afternoon with K, so I ended up going on my own. Got a lot of cute stuff for O in the next size (12-18 month), which he is just starting to need. He's short. I remember being super bummed when he ended up being a boy and not a girl, because I wanted to buy all of the cute girl clothes. It turns out the boy clothes are cute too, just not pink.

After I got home from shopping, Brian, Owen and I drove out to Chapel Hill to meet Karl, who happened to be in town, for dinner. I have not been out to eat in CH since Owen was born, so I wasn't sure where to go that would have good food and still be relatively kid-friendly. We ended up going to the Carolina Brewery, which was fine. Even though we were out in CH (about 35 minutes drive), we still managed to get home in time for Owen's bedtime, leaving Karl to entertain himself in the bars of CH. Aah, toddler's hours.

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