Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I almost forgot.

Kristin sent me a link to this post, which I wanted to link here for everyone's enjoyment.

This is a thorough analysis of why the "Mom Jean" cut is not good for ANYONE. High waist? Tapered ankles? First of all, tapered ankles make your hips look bigger. No woman in the universe needs this, so please! Jeans-makers across the world, unite!! Save us from ourselves and do not make these!

The butt comparisons are also of note, although I personally couldn't wear the alternative pair of jeans because the pockets are too low on the butt.

Oh also, mom? Note the Camel Toe.
(A few weeks ago, our phone rang. I answered it, innocently. My mom was on the other line to ask me if I knew what a camel toe was.)


Jenny said...

Thanks for the link, glad you enjoyed it. We'll do another pair of 'Bad Mommy Jeans' next month.

Anonymous said...

Dang, that MommyJeans site was so funny - I nearly had my lunch (yogurt) coming out of my nose. I'm with your Mom - I confess to not knowing what the heck camel toe was . . . denise