Tuesday, November 29, 2005

back to work

Well, I figure its time to get back to blogging.

Its been nearly three weeks since Ed died, which is hard to believe. The night we found out that he had died, I didn't really think that I would make it through ONE more day. But here I am. So thats promising. Everyone says that it gets easier over time, which I am sure is true. However, it hasn't even really sunk in yet, which is strange. I mean, you go to the wake, you see him in the casket and you know that he is really dead. You bury him. But still, I find myself thinking of him as just being out of town. Or something. I don't know when that changes, or if it ever does.

It was nice to see all of our relatives that we don't often get to see. My dad's side of the family in particular is spread out across the country and thus it seems we only get together when people get married and when they die. And although none of my friends were able to make it from out of town (Melissa/Matt and Mel's family are relatively local, so they were there, as was a good friend from grad school who is now living and working in Boston) I got a lot of nice phone calls (which admittedly I have not returned yet), cards and flowers. It was funny, some people who I didn't really expect anything from really surprised me with their thoughtfulness, yet some others who I did expect to hear from haven't even called or sent an email since, which was equally surprising. I guess you never know.

Thanksgiving was more difficult than I thought it would be, as we don't usually all get together as a family on Thanksgiving (since I have been living far from home for so long), its not unusual for me not to see everyone on that day. We went to a friends house for dinner with the two girls from the lab who were suppossed to have spent Thanksgiving in Florida with us and my parents this year. I was okay during the day and dinner but a little sad when I got home. But my mom called, with impeccable timing, to give me some good news! Nick and Jessica had finally broken off their sham marriage!! Hurrah! Run, Nick! Run!

The single upshot of my Thanksgiving was that I was in town to see the Dandy Warhols play at Cat's Cradle. I love the Dandys. I dragged Brian along as well as some other friends from my current lab and from Duke. It was good. They were good, and also, the lead singer is hot and he took off his shirt. We liked that a lot. Who cares if he's a jerk (which I've heard)? I just want to look. Also, I really liked that there was actually a guy playing the trumpet in the concert. If you've listened to the Dandys, you'll know that a lot of the songs have trumpet in them. I kinda figured that was just something for the album and that it would be played on synthesizer or something at a concert. But no! I was wrong!

Finally, Brian knows how to take my mind off of things, so he bought me 2 video games. I have since been spending inordinate amounts of time training Pokemon (because yes, I am ten years old) and fighting in 'Pokemon Colesseum'! After I finish with this, its back to Final Fantasy X, which I've already played through, but I wanted to try again. And I had borrowed it from someone, so we had to buy it again. I'd better be done these by Christmas at which point I hope to be playing the new Dance Dance Revolution game with a set of new RedOctane dance pads! Hint hint!

Oh. Also have had some very good news from Herryn which I will wait to post about until it has been disseminated to all relevant parties.


Bena said...

You like final fantasy x i love final fantasy ten and i had to give it back after i killled seymore 4 with the magus sisters overdrive go to my blogg benas stuff it has stuff about final fantasy and so does chocobo world

Special K said...

Yeah...I have no clue what all that is about.

Anonymous said...


so glad you started blogging again. i think it is hysterical that your mom called you to tell you about the Nick/Jess breakup. surely, the healing has begun.

i think you should post you email about lessons learned.

also, do still want to have you (and Brian) over for dinner one night. holiday craziness is ensuing, but i'll get back to you on that one.


Heidi Ellis said...

I'm glad you started blogging again as well. I kept checking (as I'm sure you've seen on your stat counter. Ha!)

And I'm with Kendra on the whole no clue about Final Fantasy, but I've seen the disease close up by observing Matt. :) Although I do know how to do a mean Dance Dance.