Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another day, another Diet Coke

I know I left you with a lot of reading yesterday, so today I'll just tell you this:

Diet Black Cherry Vanilla coke = yum

I got a free one a Target this weekend. I'm a fan. I was sad to read that with this good news comes some bad. Unfortunately, Diet Vanilla Coke will no longer be with us. I love that one too. But thats okay, I'll live with this.

Also, Diet Coke with Lemon is going away, which is also good because it tasted like crap. As my mom's friend said, it tastes like Lemon Pledge.

Besides, do people really put lemons in their cokes? I don't. Limes, yes. Lemons? No.

(Also, the free Coke I got was a 20 oz bottle. I drank some of it in the car on the way home and then brought it upstairs when I was playing PS2. I guess I also stopped in our bedroom and did something, I don't even remember. That night we got into bed and I was getting all comfy under the covers when my feet hit a cold, wet spot. I totally freaked out. I was trying to smell it using the 'wafting method' like we were taught in chemistry class, but I couldn't smell anything. Cat pee really stinks, you know. Ask my couch. Anyhow, I had to practically stick my nose in it to figure out what it was, and it smelled very vanilla-y. I must have not had the bottle closed all the way and put it on the bed, where it leaked)


Heidi Ellis said...

I put lemons in my diet coke, but I don't like the "pre-flavored" lemon diet coke. I do like the lime one, though. And, I don't like the vanilla one, so I'm not sad it's going. I have not tried the new one you had, so I'll have to look for that.

That is all.

Kristin said... the vanilla, hate the lemon. Also enjoy diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper (but it is hard to find).

dinner soon, Lisa, I promise. last weekend was first birthday weekend (can you believe it) and now we are into NFL playoffs so I'm booked.

Special K said...

Heeheehe. I never use the wafting's overrated. always stick your nose in it.