Wednesday, January 04, 2006

No, it was definately 'Darjeeta'

Website I love, The Sneeze just had a post about people hilariously misnaming things. I tried to leave a comment but it isn't working at the moment, so I'll post my story here.

Any of you who have met my husband know that he is the evil master of doing this. He inadvertently makes up names for things, places, etc. and I'm suppossed to know what the hell he's talking about. Once he names something in his head he always uses the same name, so at least I've got a shot. For example, Pizzeria Uno is inexplicably called 'Deep Pan', and a bar we used to frequent called 'The Common Ground' was called 'The World's End'.
My favorite example is when he told a friend we had just seen a movie where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (although surely he actually said 'You know, those guys from that other movie') played two angels. He said "I think it was called 'Darjeeta'." The friend said "Oh, you mean 'Dogma'?" After he thought for a minute he said "No... no, I'm sure it was 'Darjeeta'."

Also, upon reflection, my dad (he may have seen the light by now, this is a historical account) at one point called the state to the south 'Massatwosetts'.


Heidi Ellis said...

I had no idea that Brian suffered from this affliction.

Matt doesn't name things incorrectly he just uses big words in the wrong context. :)

peppersnaps said...

I miss the Common Ground!! :)