Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A miracle!

A miracle has occurred at our house. On Saturday AND Sunday night, Owen slept for 7-8 hours STRAIGHT. Holy crap. My mom asked if I thought he was dead when I realized he hadn't woken me up sooner, but I hadn't noticed because I was still asleep. Because this sleeping stretch went from the 7:30 pm feeding to 3 am. Then he slept for another couple of hours, until 6 or 6:30. Owen's a bit of a morning person. Of course, last night he woke up at 1 am like normal. I'm hoping the long sleep comes back tonight! We've begun swaddling him at night and for naps again, and I think that helps.

Here are a few things we did in Florida:
1. Flamingos in Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Also we fed the flamingos.

When flamingos attack on Vimeo
2. Circus Sarasota quick change artists. These are not as good as the ones who performed last time I went to Circus Sarasota, but still are pretty good. We were sitting in the front row both times, and I'll be damned if I can figure out how they do a lot of this.

Circus on Vimeo
3. Kayaking in the Myakka river. I left Owen with Brian and my mom and went kayaking with my dad. The Myakka river is chock full-o-gators so I was very excited about that. When we put the kayaks in there was one gator on the opposite bank. We had to paddle a little way and then portage over a small dam, and there were twelve gators on the bank over there. Then we hardly saw any others for the rest of the trip. There was one point where there were three around us and they all went underwater at the same time. Thats a little scary. The worst problem I had was with all the spiders in my boat. I'm lucky I didn't flip the kayak over with all of my wriggling. I stepped on one, I caught one on the end of my paddle (this required some panicky manuvering that I'm really glad didn't end up in a wet Lisa), I flicked some more off with my fingernail. We saw a lot of birds, herons, egrets, ibis and hawks, and we saw some limpkin at the end.

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