Thursday, February 01, 2007

This is what happens when you mix 60 year old men with white water rafting.

Brian's parents are on a big trip around the world. They've been all sorts of places so far, and are currently in... New Zealand? Or Australia? One of those two. Anyhow. They recently went white water rafting which is totally fun and I would love to do again sometime if anyone wants to take me. The only problem with white water rafting is when you hit a rock and get bumped out of the boat. An even worse problem is when you do this very early on in the trip, so you have to spend the rest of the ride with a gaping wound.

Poor Brian's dad! Hope that heals by the time they get here (we're the last stop on the tour), or he's going to scare Owen half to death, haha.

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Adrienne said...

When I come down there, Annie and I are abducting you and going white water rafting. Better not take Rob though, last time he fell out of the boat!