Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm writing this as I sit here jiggling Owen in my lap. Its really amazing what a good jiggle will do for a baby! Much of my life is spent jiggling in one form or another. When Owen is relatively calm, a little bit of jiggle will suffice. When we're in the early evening (dinner time) freakout period, we need a bigger jiggle. In that case, I bust out the iPod and start bouncing with the music, all over the room. Owen's favorite album right now is Muse - Black Holes and Revelations. He's asleep before the first song ends. This also makes it Mommy's favorite album right now.

He is still pretty easy to deal with, which is good. Unfortunately he's started waking up every 2-3 hours at night again, instead of giving us one 4-5 hour stretch in there. Oh well. Its not horrendous. This morning I fed him at 5:30 am and then heard him complaining (not crying, but whining a little bit) again not long afterwards. I kept trying to sleep through it hoping that he had just woken up and these were the going-back-to-sleep noises, but eventually a cry or two came out. Turns out he had spit up on himself in the bed and was laying there in a cold, wet patch of spit-up. Poor kid has a mean mommy.

Congrats to several people for several things.
First: to Matt and Melissa who are also heading down the baby path!
Second: to Matt (different Matt) and Herryn, who got a new job and are relocating to Dallas. Actually, I'm quite bummed out about this because Knoxville is only 5-6 hours drive from here, meaning that we actually see Herryn sometimes (like the other weekend for example!). Dallas is a million miles away. But we've never been there, so we'll go visit out there sometime and also see my Uncle Bart and my cousins. Anyhow, Herryn doesn't have a blog, but she does have a website now. So if you click on her link up there, you can watch her reporting videos! Woo! She's on TV! And I know her!

I just also needed to put this here: Congrats to Brian (the blogging Brian, not my Brian) for getting his paper accepted that had been under review for OVER TWO YEARS. We've all had papers go through what seemed to be interminably long review processes. But I have never, ever in my life heard of one going on for OVER TWO FRIGGING YEARS. Thats a new record of terribleness. So now when you're waiting for your paper to come back, just think to yourself: "At least it hasn't been TWO YEARS."

(Now see, for me? This doesn't happen, because the paper I sent out right after I had the baby got rejected without review! That was nice of them, eh?)

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Roger said...

Sadly, two years is not uncommon for a statistics paper. It's a sad state of affairs.