Friday, January 19, 2007

Its hard out there for a mommy

Well, its hard to balance keeping Owen calm, clean, dry and fed, updating his blog, and occasionally taking a shower myself. So I've pretty much given up on the showering. Ha.

Yesterday I actually left the house twice, it was very exciting. Of course we were also having our first snowfall. I almost wrote 'snowstorm', but that would be a total misnomer. We had about an inch of snow, but here in North Carolina that is about equivalent to ten feet. Schools were closed in Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Of course, I grew up in the frozen north and have only lived down here for a few years (almost 4 years now!) so I know how to drive in the snow. Its not me that is the problem though, its everyone else on the road. I try not to drive in the snow or ice if I can help it, simply so some idiot doesn't run me down.

Anyhow, I had to take Owen to the pediatrician to repeat his newborn screening tests that they did at the hospital. The pediatrician never got any results from the hospital for some reason. It had just stopped snowing, but I still thought about calling the office to reschedule. It just looked slushy outside, so I decided to just go ahead with it. This was my first time driving with Owen in the car, so I was a little nervous. We had to be there at 10 am, so at 9 am I started thinking that I should get ready. First I had to feed him, which thankfully didn't take too long. Then I had to change and dress him. At this point it was 9:25. I wanted to leave at 9:30 (to allow myself extra time - the office is only about 10 minutes away), and I was still in my new mommy uniform of pajama pants and a nursing tank. Bugger. Quickly dress myself, load Owen into the car seat (it would have been a good day to try out his winter coat, but I didn't have time for that), get everyone into the car, phew! I made it.

We drove over to the doctors office and I went to check in at the front desk. They didn't have any record that I was coming in, because the person who had called us to schedule this had not actually scheduled the appointment with the lab. And also the lab person wasn't even there. So hurrah. All that for nothing.

Oh well. Later in the day I went to get my haircut. I thought I'd probably be gone for Owen's feeding time (one of the ten million Owen's-feeding-times that occur every day), and unfortunately when I go the food goes with me. I had pumped some milk in the morning and left it in a bottle for Brian, just in case. This was our first time using a bottle, so I was a little nervous about how it would all go, but he did okay. Unfortunately I left too little milk so I had to feed him again almost as soon as I walked in the door.

Finallly my hair has been cut though. I hadn't gotten myself to the hairdresser since JUNE, so it was a desperate situation.

Last night Brian was looking around on eBay for some Warhammer crap. He found some guy who was selling something he was interested in and wanted to see what else he had up for sale. He had some other Warhammer crap and then he had all these other figurines. They were very similar to Warhammer stuff in that they were metal and came in pieces that you had to assemble and then paint yourself. However, rather than being orcs, or goblins, or dark elves, these were naked women in comprimising positions (mostly bondage sorts of stuff). We did not know that such a thing existed. I'm curious what exactly you DO with these once you've painted them? I mean, are you going to keep your porn figures in a display case for everyone to see? I hope not.

Anyway, whenever I start to think about how lame Brian's Warhammer obsession is, I'm going to thank my lucky stars that he's not instead obsessed with porn figurines.

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peppersnaps said...

Good to have you back on the blog! Owen is SO cute and I love how you're keeping his blog! :)

I hear ya about driving in the snow in the south -- people have no clue and are spinning out everywhere! It really is dangerous, even if you yourself know how to drive.

I think Brian should buy at least ONE porn figurine and paint it all up, put it in the case with all the Warhammer stuff and see if anyone ever notices. :) ha.