Friday, January 19, 2007

I love Nordstroms

Before I had Owen (but after I should have had Owen), I went to Nordstroms with my mom to look for a nursing bra. I have been all over the universe looking for a nursing bra in my size (watermelon size) and haven't been able to find one, but someone at the maternity store suggested I try there. I have never bought bras at Nordstroms before - I never even thought about it. When I got there one of the sales women helped me out immediately. Brought me into the dressing room, measured me, brought bras into me and special ordered some for me from other stores when they didn't have any in my size in stock. I went back last weekend when Herryn and Kendra were here to see if she had gotten any in, and she had. And one of them fit me so I bought it. Yes, it was expensive ($52) but bras are always expensive. So its not like I was spending a lot more than I would normally end up spending for a bra.

I was so happy at how much help she had been, and I determined that this was their normal level of service because I heard her helping other customers in the other dressing rooms. She measured them (its important to know what size you really are!), asked them what they were looking for and then brought a selection of bras in for them to try. And she came back to check and see how things were fitting to offer suggestions. I decided that I am never ever shopping anywhere else for bras again ever. I'm going to Nordstroms.

Today I got a THANK YOU NOTE in the mail from the woman who helped me at the store. A handwritten thank you note. Holy crap. If I wasn't already only ever shopping at Nordstroms for bras, I REALLY am only ever shopping at Nordstroms for bras now.


Laura said...

I had heard that Nordstroms is a great place to buy bras b/c they measure you and recommend the most flattering without being condescending twits

Heidi Ellis said...

Wow that's some service. I always liked Nordstroms in DC although they were definitely on the pricey side. There is one in Providence, so I guess I'll be heading over there in a couple months since I think I'll probably be watermelon size as well, right now I'm just cantelope.

smurphy said...

I too love Nordstroms! they have the best customer service...and it's not just bras. it's a great place to buy shoes and makeup too.

Adrienne said...

Well, I'll have to try Nordstrom's then. I made up my mind to get measured because of the '5 out of every 6 women wear the wrong size' thing. However, I went to Victoria's Secret, which was a bad idea. Firstly, I was measured in the middle of the store, and then she told me that I was a 32. That's like telling me that I wear a size 4. And does anyone else have the problem that bras from that store never fit quite right?