Thursday, July 05, 2007

Feasting on Asphalt and other dorky shows I watch

Looks like there's going to be a second season of Feasting on Asphalt! We really liked that series, and not just because Alton Brown is my television boyfriend. I mean ME AND BRIAN liked that series.

Brian and I also enjoy all of the medical mystery shows on Discovery Health. The other day we were watching 'Diagnosis: Unknown!' which should really be called 'Diagnosis: How fast can you figure out who is poisoning the patient?' because they all start out as medical mysteries but they pretty much all finish with the person having been being poisoned. And you can always tell who is doing the poisoning from very early on, so there really isn't a lot of mystery going on. However, occasionally the show mixes it up and gives you a case where no one is being poisoned. The one we were watching was about all these North Carolina fishermen who were getting sick and having neurological problems and sores on their bodies. It was a result of a Pfesteria epidemic, which came from hog waste washing into the rivers. There were scientists at NC State working on it, and they got sick too because at first they didn't know that it caused these kinds of symptoms. When they figured that out, they built a BSL3 or something lab that vented out into the atmosphere but the ventilation was set up wrong and it was actually ventillating into this other guy's office. He still has problems with it. Anyhow, they apparently had a big summit to talk about this and it was at the Institute that I work at, so they showed a few shots of my work. Woo!

The third dorky show we're watching (also on Discovery Health) is called 'Jon and Kate + 8'. This couple had twins (through fertility treatments) and then wanted one more child. They had to go through fertility treatments again and ended up with 6 more. We like this show because they seem normal, like people we would hang out with.

We also continue our 'Jeopardy!' dorkfest.


Heidi Ellis said...

I love Discovery Health. We don't watch Diagnosis: Unknown though. But I have been known to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8. They seem like somewhat normal people, although she is a little too anal and organized, which I guess works in her situation, but I couldn't live with it.

Adrienne said...

LOVE the mystery diagnosis show. Once this guy had scurvy! Weird. I saw the commercial for J&K+8 but couldn't bring myself to watch it due to immense pity. My current guilty pleasure is Bridezillas. This one chick was psycho, but I agree with her that she should not have had to set up her own bridal shower. It makes me want cake.