Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is this really necessary?

Brian got this free razor in the mail from the friendly folks at Gillette. As he was opening it, he said 'Oh my god, it has five. No, SIX blades.' I didn't really look at it until I just went upstairs to go to bed (okay really, to read Harry Potter. Come on.), and I was really moved to photograph it for you.

Really. Five blades? Is shaving really a FIVE BLADE affair? I mean, I shave two entire legs, two armpits and some unmentionable areas, and two blades (maybe there are three on my razor, actually) serve me just fine. Do faces really require two extra blades?

Plus an extra blade on the back for, I don't know what. Slicing your finger open when you go to reach for your insane five-bladed razor?


smurphy said...

MORE POWER! (oo-oo-oo)

Adrienne said...

I think the extra blade is for the sideburns, so silly boys don't chop off their ear with the 6 blades in front. Didn't they have a skit on SNL a couple of years ago about a razor with 10 or 20 blades on it?

Lisa said...

Brian's update:

Less than 12 hours since shaving, I am feeling some roughness, more
so than I normally do suggesting that the five blades did not do so
great. However, I will not give up and will hold out on the hope that
six may well be better.

Owen said...

Oh and yes, I do remember that SNL skit - hilarious. I always liked the "commercials" - like the one for Colon Blow.

Brian said...

I use the vibrating version of that razor. Who needs facial skin anyway?

Keith said...

I am a big fan of this razor. I think the extra blades give a smoother shave. but I do think that they get dull faster then other razors.