Saturday, August 18, 2007


Our newspaper is running a bunch of test comics to replace various ones that are gone or going. One of them I had never seen before, F Minus. It is HILARIOUS. Unfortunately its month long test is over now so I thought I'd look it up on the internets. Check it out! He has a blog too where he sometimes explains the story behind the cartoon. <

Speaking of comics, there are some comics that I can't believe still exist. Like, who reads Family Circus? Anyone? Garfield used to be funny when I was a kid (or maybe I just had a kids sense of humor and maybe it is just as funny now...) but now it totally sucks. And, Dennis the Menace and Marmaduke? OMG.

Other comics I actually enjoy and I can't understand why. In this category we would find Funky Winkerbean. It is so depressing, and yet I read it every day.

What are your favorite comics, and which ones can you totally not stand?


smurphy said...

I LOVE Family Circus!

Brian said...

I like xkcd

Adrienne said...

I agree with you on Family Circus, and Garfield jumped the shark after Jon and Liz started dating. Even worse? Parallel Universe ( It's this one panel POS that is makes Family Circus look like Shakespeare. There have been ctual petitions to get this junk out of the newspaper! But 'Dog Eat Doug' is my fave. Unfortunately, it's not in my local paper. :(

Emily said...

I looked at Parallel Universe, and all I can say is wow. Just, wow.

I like Get Fuzzy, but that may just be because one of our cats, Tybalt, is just like Bucky, and unfortunately I can relate to how the owner feels about all the adventures.

donnah said...

Baby Blues. it's too true to life sometimes, though

Special K said...

O.K., I tried to read the comics this morning, because to be honest, I never do. I must not have any sense of humor anymore...they're just lame. Dilbert? He's lucky he's a cartoon..otherwise I'd have to kick him

Missy said...

Ok Family Circus has got to go! I can't stand the gentle family "humor" All those cantalope headed, encephalitis children should be locked in a car and driven into a lake. Hey they could even do a dotted line to show how the car careened all over town before ending up in a swamp. I don't get BC and I want them all to go extinct with a huge fiery meteor striking the earth whenever they start preaching Christianity.
Why is Peanuts still running in some papers? Didn't the Charles Shultz die? Let's let those kids slip into the great beyond... and why do they also have freakishly big heads?
Why hasn't anyone killed Mark Trail yet? He should be tossed into one of the toxic waste dumps that his semi-retarded St. Bernard is always stumbling into.
And oh good lord our newspaper - the worst one I have ever read in my entire life - still runs those pieces of vomitous tripe "Love is..." comics with still more balloon headed naked freak kids.