Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cherry - Bug Assasin

All of our cats are fat, pretty much, but Cherry is the fattest. By far. She looks like a big stripey sausage. But Cherry has a secret identity: Ninja Bug Assasin. Cherry plucks bugs out of the air and eats them, while the other cats look on admiringly. Here is but one example of her powers:

Ninja cat from meandertail and Vimeo.


Heidi Ellis said...

OMG Ellie (Cherry's twin) totally does the same thing. Betty on the other hand leaped two feet into the air last night to catch a moth. No way was Ellie every gonna do that. Betty's a show off.

Missy said...

I think what we are missing here is the fact that there are about 12 other cats running around in the background. You are a married woman Lis, is this number of cats necessary?

Lisa said...

Like you said, I am already married. You can't be the crazy cat woman if you are married.