Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Joining this decade

You read my blog and you probably think to yourself, "My. Lisa is soooooo technologically advanced and with it! I mean, she has a blog! And her 8 month old son has a blog! I am in awe!"

Yeah, okay. But I am not on Myspace. And I am not on Facebook.

I never got the appeal of Myspace and I'm afraid I still don't. First of all, most people's Myspace pages make my eyeballs hurt. Second of all, I mean, what do you do?? I have no idea.

Yesterday I got an invite to be someone's friend on Facebook. It was someone I knew when we lived in Cleveland but had lost touch with, so I thought it would be a good excuse to see what she was up to. I joined. Facebook checked out my Gmail account for people who were in my address book that also had Facebook accounts. Lo! Many, many instant friends. A few surprises:
1. My father-in-law
2. My PhD advisor
These are not people I expected to be Facebooking. But my PhD advisor is all into undergrads (I mean, professionally, not in some weird way) so I guess that is why he is there. I do not know why my father-in-law is on Facebook. He has only one friend, Brian's cousin, so I guess he's not super into it. I'm looking forward to hearing about this actually, so next email Mr. C - an explanation!

Today I was busy doing important scientific experiments, but I had lots of short incubations or something where I went on Facebook. I can see now how you can get addicted to it. You can search for new friends! Add things to your page! Write on other people's pages! See what TV shows everyone likes!

I put some stuff on my page. A daily quote from Karl Pilkington. A thing where you can buy me a virtual drink. I wrote on some people's pages. I got more friends, like some people from college that I had not talked to since, well, college.

So now I'm all 2005! Woo!


Roger said...

I'm with you---Myspace makes my brain hurt. There's just too much blinking and flashing and blinking and flashing and blinking and....

Lisa just joined Facebook and is totally addicted. I, on the otherhand, remain in 2003.

smurphy said...

Myspace is totally annoying to look at...however, it's basically the only method of communication I have with my younger brother, so...I'm on there. Being found by all sorts of people from my past with whom I have no desire for contact! [does that sound mean? well, it's true]