Monday, October 22, 2007

Morning at our house

This video made me laugh so hard I was crying.

Multiply this x 4 (even Beamish gets in on the action) and you will have the morning at our house. This morning while we were laying in bed, Brian said "The cats really get annoying in the morning!"


Heidi Ellis said...

That is totally Domino. We have to hide our hands under the covers or pillows otherwise he will run over to them and head butt them.

It does get annoying.

Roger said...

Our house is this x 2. Almost exactly.

patientgrl said...

I love the pawing on the blankets. Mushu does that all the time. Up and down, up and down. BTW, I just made him an appointment at North Paw, it's closer than his old vet.