Sunday, October 21, 2007

One day in daycare and the tough clothes tumble

You're going to have to trust me here, but Owen, despite all appearances, is not a homeless baby. He does have a Mommy and Daddy who love him, feed him, bathe him and clean his clothes. You would never know this if you saw him for the first time when we were on our way home from daycare.
When he was in the younger infants room, they would take the babies outside almost every day, but I think they would be playing on a blanket or in an exersaucer or something. He would come home looking almost exactly the same as he did when I dropped him off. Okay, maybe he'd have a clump of dried rice cereal in his hair, but nothing major.
Almost instantly upon being switched into the older infant room, Owen started coming home looking like a homeless baby. This is the anatomy of a homeless baby's outfit (I should also mention that when I picked him up this day, he had dirt all over his face because he had been trying to eat it).

This is a cute outfit we got as a gift. It was cute in the morning, anyhow. Here is what it looked like when I picked Owen up:

Exhibit 1. Some strange food stain. They do use bibs at daycare, but bibs are not foolproof.

Exhibit 2. Some other strange food stain plus a spot of barf. The barf actually happened on my watch. On the way home we needed to make a stop. When I was paying, I sat Owen up on the counter (I was holding him, obviously. I don't need no parenting classes!). He proceeded to barf all over himself, my arm, and the counter at the store.

Exhibit 3. The mysterious black knees and ankles. I really do not know what causes this, to be perfectly honest. I think it is the surface they have outside in their play area. It is like rubber gravel, if that makes any sense. I assume thats what these stains are from.

This mysterious black stain is the biggie. I can never get this out. Here's another pair of pants, part of a cute outfit:

These pants have been through the wash no less than FIVE TIMES. They have been treated with Shout, with OxyClean, with detergent, with a combination of these three, etc. This is the best I have been able to do.



Heidi Ellis said...

Man! I would be pissed! Did you talk to his daycare about it? I mean really, those stains seem a little extreme.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually thrilled when my kids come home filthy. The dirt stains means that he is having fun, exploring, probably eating some dirt, too. Last week when I took her clothes off at bathtime I was welcomed by a completely blue belly...she decided to paint herself..self expression.

You can have a clean infant, but do you really want a clean toddler? Hit the second hand stores for some "play clothes" and leave the nice ones at home.

Emily said...

We have two sets of clothes - cheap daycare clothes and weekend clothes. Jax only wears the nice stuff when we're going somewhere where he needs to look presentable and I will be there to monitor him and immediately clean up after him.

Annie said...

I see very dark blue jeans in the Bug's future... Or maybe you should start making him trousers out of trash bags... :) Man, I hate the phantom stains - did you try Zout? My mom swears by it, for what that's worth, since she doesn't spend a lot of time in the play "gravel."

Owen said...

Zout is a good idea, that stuff gets out anything! I'll try it. I did just buy all of Owen's next size up clothing, and all the pants are dark :) I have learned my lesson!