Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun with camera

Today I got the new polarizing filter and wide angle lens Brian bought me for my birthday. I wanted to take some pics of the wisteria blooming in our area right now, so we headed out after work today to a patch right outside of our development.

Wisteria is a weed here, and actually quite a problem as it chokes out the trees that it grows on. But its so pretty!


Heidi Ellis said...

Cool! It gives it an old quality. I want to find my polarizing lens and see if it fits my camera.

Owen said...

Thats not from the polarizing filter, thats from photoshop.

Heidi Ellis said...

D'oh! Well you'll have to tell us how you did that! :)

Owen said...

I'm only 1, but I'm a photoshop maven!

There are all of these 'actions' that people have worked up that will do various things to your photos. I never realized it but these are used all the time. Some you can get for free, and this is one, called 'Urban Acid'.

I mean, you can do your own too, but I don't have the patience.

patientgrl said...

Urban Acid is my favorite!! I love this picture Lisa. And congrats on losing 20lbs! That's amazing! :)