Monday, April 07, 2008

Wiggle addict

We have a Wiggles addict on our hands. Me.

No, really, its Owen. He comes to us with the remote, holds it up and goes "uuuuhhhh!" Translated, that means "Make the Wiggles come on!" When he is satisfied that you have gotten the message, he goes over to his chair and sits down, ready for the Wiggly delights to come.

What is sad about this is that Brian and I are getting into it too. We each have our own favorite songs (Mine are: Mop Mop, Move like an Emu, Do the Owl, and the Monkey Dance. His are: Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo, the Captain's Magic Buttons, and Do the Flap). We enjoy trying to pick out the various Wiggly Dancers in the various skits or Wiggly Concert clips. We know all the words to all the songs, and many of the dances. Owen looks at us like we are freaking nuts.

Clearly the Wiggles knew that Mommy would be watching, so they made sure that Anthony, the Blue Wiggle, was a treat to look at. There's also a Wiggly dancer for everyone! Brian insists that he does not notice whether any of the Wiggly Dancers are hot, I totally disbelieve this, knowing my mindset while watching the Wiggles (i.e. where is the guy who does the acrobatics??). Then again, I don't think I ever fully got past the boy crazy period of my youth.

When Owen gets a little older and can actually talk to us (as opposed to babbling and saying Uuuuhhhh!), and he asks to go to a Wiggles concert, neither Brian and I will be opposed.

Yes, this is what our lives have come to!


Anonymous said...

and for this your father and i paid HOW MUCH ?for your college education!!!!!

Adrienne said...

you can tell your mom I am a witness to the fact that you are not the only mother that knows all the words to Wiggles songs. I almost felt left out when I was the only person at our table who didn't know the words, but then I realized that meant that I have a life all my own and don't have to be brainwashed by children's TV. :)

Emily said...

I have yet to watch a Wiggle or listen to a single word of their songs, so I think you're crazy. We don't have cable or any intention of getting it, so I'm hoping to pass Jax's entire childhood without watching the Wiggles or Dora or anyone else (I don't even know the names of any other shows!). If I'm lucky, he'll pass his childhood without watching them either. Although if he watches them at a friend's house, that's fine with me.

Special K said...

Oh-my-god!! Please stop!! The Wiggles are clowns..only worse!

Anonymous said...

As a former addict, I can attest that there are no long term complications. The Wiggles era was a great time in his its all Star Wars (also addictive, but no dancing).

The mental image of you and Brian singing and dancing along is priceless. Plus, half an hour of dancing with the Wiggles burns a ton of calories.