Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The Biggest Loser competition at work has finally ended, and I am celebrating with a piece of leftover (fabulous, and thank you Kara!) pie.

Oh, you didn't know I was a biggest loser AGAIN? Of course. Last time I was losing the pregnancy weight (easy). This time I was losing the pre-pregnancy fatness.

Things really went downhill when I was finishing up my Ph.D. I think that plus Ed's death (these two events were not that far from each other) really conspired against me, turning me into a total lard-ass. Also, even though I was not yet pregnant or even trying to be, we knew this was in the cards in the nearish future so I always thought, why bother? Why lose weight that I'm only going to put back on? I'll just wait and do it all at once.

Oh well.

So at the end of last years TBL competition (our team won due largely to the heroic efforts of two of the men on the team) I finished off the last of the baby poundage. Then I set about getting rid of the rest. It was hard while I was still nursing, but once that was all done and my body belonged to me again, I went back to work.

It hasn't gone quickly, for sure, but so far I'm 26 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Woo! I lost 8 pounds during this years TBL competition, which I am happy with. I was much stricter with myself these last 8 weeks because my team was depending on me (and also our team captain is a slave driver...no, i'm kidding. mostly).

Of course my journey of deprivation... I mean lifestyle changes, and exercise does not end here - my goal is to lose 11 more pounds. %$#&.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations, lisa. i'm so proud of you. i know how hard you worked on this. love, mom