Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy absence from the blog, Batman!

I know, I have been absent from the blog. See, I started this new job, then Brian was looking for a new job (didn't know that? oh yes, he was!) and then Brian went on many interviews, and then I got addicted to Animal Crossing, and then Brian stressed out about taking a new job, and then Brian accepted a new job, and then we have been getting our house ready to sell. Because we are moving! To Florida! Where Brian will be an actual tenure-track assistant professor and not a "we really just use you until there's nothing left" research-track assistant professor. And he'll be at Florida State, where they actually care about nurturing their young scientists, and not at Duke where they eat them alive. And that means that I have to leave my fabulous new job and find something else.

So anyway, thats what we're doing!

We aren't moving until August. Thank god too, since its going to take us until three Augusts from now to sell our house. And also, really excited about keeping the house showing-ready with four cats, a dog and a two year old.


Karl Broman said...

Congratulations to Brian! I hope the move goes smoothly, that your house sells quickly, and that you find a job you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

bonnie and i looked up the picture of the king cake on the o and h site. we thought they were soooo pretty , we ordered three of them. mom

CandCFamily said...

Will miss you! Hope your house sells quickly!

Oh and glad you got addicted to a new game so you don't totally kick my butt in Mario Kart.

Leigh Ann/Rocktog said...

SOunds frantic and busy and lots going on. And yes, Duke is not a nurturing environment at all so it's a good thing to move on, but sucks to have to move and leave your job.

Stephanie Embry said...

Holy crap! You're moving! I just saw your (and Brian's) paper in Chromosoma. Congratulations on that and all the new things to come your way soon!