Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yesterday: The good and the bad

The good

The bad
Drat. This was basically an election about 'Do you want to keep Mike Nifong or not?' The one opponent on the ballot didn't even intend on taking the position if he won, the DA job would have then been appointed by the governor, I think. So it wasn't like you were even voting for a specific person. I voted for the other guy because Mike Nifong has made Durham look ridiculous in the eyes of the rest of the country with his terrible and self-promotional handling of the Duke lacrosse case, and I felt that maybe, in this case, the devil you don't know might be better than the devil you do know. The biggest problem here was that another guy ran as an 'official write-in candidate'. While I can see that it would be good to know who you were voting in, I didn't vote for him because I decided that the best chance in getting rid of Nifong was to vote for the guy who was listed on the ballot. When people came in to vote knowing that they didn't want Nifong, they'd have to also remember the guys name. I decided that more people would vote for the one on the ballot, which they did (39% vs. 12%). If that write-in guy hadn't been there to split the anti-Nifong vote, Nifong would have likely been out - the two opponents had a majority together. Bummer.

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