Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Baby shower 2: Electric Boogaloo

UPDATED: with pics!

We ended our weekend on a good note on Sunday when a group of our friends threw us a baby shower! Yippee!! It was lots of fun. Kristin made up some games for us, one of which included measuring the total wideness of me and Brian. I think I was 46 inches around at my widest point. Awesome. It was a co-ed baby shower, but Brian did not recieve a Heineken cooler/CD player. Mostly it was just like a big, fun, party with breakfast foods. And also, after I had gotten a nice full stomach I had a mimosa. It was yummy. We got lots of clothes for Studs, which is good, because now he doesn't have to be naked all the time. Ha.
Here area two pictures from the shower:

It was a really happy and fun way to end a crappy week.

Not too much else is going on here. I gave a talk on Monday night at our first Triangle chromatin club meeting. That went well I think, but I was so uncomfortable that I wasn't able to concentrate AT ALL on the second talk. It was hot in there, and also my foot and leg were threatening to explode out of my cast. All I could think during the talk was 'Please be done. Please be done. Please be done.' And then when other people would dare to ask a question I would yell at them in my head 'Shut up!!' Yes, I am a good colleague. I will be a better colleague after my body is no longer held hostage by a) Studs and b) big pink cast, I promise. I will even ask questions.

I meant to have everyone at the shower sign the big, pink cast because it looks so lonely right now, but of course I forgot to do this. Since the cast still looked so sad, Brian took pity upon me and drew some pictures of the cats on it. He took pictures of them so I could see them better, and I'll post those later. He's a total cartoonist.


peppersnaps said...

Love the title of your post. I use the "Fill-in-the-Blank II: Electric Boogaloo" all the time. I get pissed when the people I say it to are too young to know what I'm talking about. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa - Don't think there will be anymore "missed" steps by family members - 3 is the magic #. Dave went down the stairs in the dark Tues night missed the last step, big toe is deep purple but nothing broken. Kathryn missed a step going to the school bus, only got cuts on her hand. Glad the shower was fun for you. Love Ruth