Saturday, October 28, 2006

Amazing Race All-Star Edition?

I just read on TWoP (and this article) that there are rumors about an Amazing Race All-Star edition. That would be great. What would not be great would be if I had to again deal with teams that I couldn't stand.

Topping this list would be:
1. B.J. and Tyler - the 'hippies' and winners of the last season of TAR. I've watched all 9 seasons of TAR, and I've never found another team that annoyed me quite this much. Tyler apparently wrote:

"What would be ironic is if someone were putting together an all-star version of the race and contacted teams like [now married former The Amazing Race 7 competitors] Lynn [Warren] & Alex [Ali] and [fellow seventh season competitors] Brian & Greg [Smith], but did not contact us, the most popular and amazing team of all time, about it."

Most popular and amazing team of all time, my ass. If I have to watch these two morons for another season, I might just gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon.

2. Jonathan and Victoria - the abusive husband and his wife. They are married, right? I think I blocked out everything I knew about them.

3. Charla and Mirna - The midget (dwarf? I don't know!) and her irritating cousin. Charla, the one who was the actual midget/dwarf was fine, it was her cousin Mirna who I couldn't stand. Constantly haranguing Charla, bitching about how the other teams weren't babying them enough, please. Its a race. When Phil got teary during their elimination, it was tears of joy.

Wow. I really can't think of that many teams that I really, passionately hated. I'm probably just forgetting. I didn't like the Guidos at the time, but have come to accept them.

I would like to see:

I'm sure no one else who reads this watches this show as obsessively as I do, except Becky. So, what do you think?


Karl Broman said...

I hope noone else watches the show so obsessively.

Becky said...

I agree with most of your choices, but I would also have to say no Alison/Donny or Rob/Amber - "reality TV show contestant" really shouldn't be a career option for anyone. And no Heather/Eve, who, if I recall correctly, pioneered the "everyone will underestimate us and want to help us because we're so pretty" race strategy. Ugh. And no Weavers. I don't know how that would work on an All-Star show since there are 4 of them, but I'm going to rule them out anyway.

I think I would add Momily, Jon/Kelly, John Vito/Jill, and Lori/Dave to the "would like to see" list. And maybe Chris/Amanda, just because I like to hear Phil say "Amander."

Lisa said...

Oh yeah, Alison/Donny for sure. Though I'm embarassed to admit that I liked Rob and Amber. Not ever watching Survivor helped. Definately no Weavers. I just eliminated all 'Family Edition' teams on principle because that season was soooo crap.

Momily - good! Also I was thinking the girls who did the roadblock where they were unrolling hay bales for 8 hours. Lena/Kristy? or was it KamiKarli? I can't remember. Lori and Dave got on my nerves, so I'm going to have to check the big 'no' box on that one.