Friday, October 20, 2006

A big pink cast

Well, I just got back from my trip to the orthopedist. Who, first of all, was horrified that they didn't fit me in until today, 6 days after I broke the damn thing. I had to have another X-ray to make sure that the bone hadn't moved any further out given that I'd been hobbling around on it since I broke it. Which it hadn't. But that still didn't change the inevitable end to this: I have a cast now. Hurrah.

Actually, I have a cast now, and we'll see how it goes but I may still end up needing the surgery and the screw to get it to heal. Apparently the broken off part was pulled pretty far away from where it should be. That seemed to be sort of the determining factor in how it was treated. If it hadn't been that bad, I would have stayed with the stupid velcro shoe until it healed. But it was pulled far enough out that he didn't think the shoe would give it enough support. He said that if I wasn't pregnant, he probably would have just wanted to do the surgery straight off, but since I was, he thought we should try the cast first and then see how it heals. I asked how long I was going to be in the cast for, and he laughed and said that he might meet me in the delivery room to take it off. HA. so its going to be 6-8 weeks. Terrific. At least I got to pick the color of the cast, which is (of course) pink.

The news of needing a cast very nearly triggered another bursting into tears episode, but I did manage to hold off until I got to the car and called Brian. Next, I called my mom who said 'I guess you thought your blog wasn't interesting enough.' Haha.

I'm guessing if people laughed at big old pregnant me hobbling around on the little velcro shoe, they're REALLY going to laugh at me when I've got a cast on. It goes all the way up to my knee too. I didn't know it needed to go up that far, but what do I know anyhow? Nothing.

And just so you know? If you see me, you're totally signing it.


Heidi Ellis said...

Does it make me a bad person if I'm laughing right now? :D

I hope you'll at least be able to coordinate your outfits with a big pink piece of plaster.

Roger said...

Actually, I gave a little chuckle myself. You're not alone.

Nancy said...

Your mom called last night to let me know that I am not the only graceful person in the family. Gary's sister came to visit on 9/22, arrived about noon. By 3:00 I had broken my ankle. I lucked out though, have one of those velcro boot things that goes up to my knee. Leaving on a cruise Wednesday. Tough to find an outfit for those formal nights that goes well with 'the boot'.

Lisa said...

Uh... you both suck. And my best friend too! Hmph.

Except for Aunt Nancy, who totally rocks. Have fun on the cruise and keep me posted on the ankle front!

Anonymous said...

Could be an opportunity. I can't find the post but you mentioned people asking if you were having twins. Next time someone asks that question:

"Yes, and they've given me a stress fracture!"

As if pregnant-women-in-a-cast wasn't going to get you enough sympathy! ;)

Another positive spin: in 6 to 8 weeks, just think how mobile you will be! ;)

Ha ha.

smurphy said...

Honestly, some people will do anything to get a good parking space...