Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My super power: rambling blog posts!

Nothing too exciting to report. Last night was 'Nursery Decor Showdown!' Ok, it wasn't really a showdown, but that makes it sound more dramatic. We moved the furniture all around to try and figure out how we want the room set up. We've been leaving the door shut so the cats can't get in (thus increasing the room's mystique), but when we had it open ALL FOUR cats were in there - even Beamish, the invisi-cat. Think we've got the furniture all sorted out, now we're thinking about where to hang pictures...

...which we'll do this weekend when Matt and Melissa are here visiting! They're coming out for the World Beer Festival in Durham, aka the Best! Day! Ever! Again, I'm the designated driver. I think I'm getting in a lot of bonus points for when I can drink again. Actually, this is a big month for out of town visitors, as my brother and his girlfriend and also my friend Eve are visiting, but the next weekend. Hurrah!

I had so been looking forward to the arrival of the new Killers album, which came out yesterday. I'm disappointed though, I thought it kinda sucked. Boo.

Oh, the other thing: Even though I was trying not to develop any new TV addictions, we started watching Heroes, which had gotten good reviews. And it is really good. Very simply, its about a bunch of regular people who are just realizing that they have super powers. Obvy there is much more to it than that because there's also a bad guy who freezes people and removes their brains? And a guy who seems like he must be nefarious in some way but who is also the father of a girl who spontaneously heals when she gets injured?

Also, tonight is a big night for favorite Chadwick TV shows: The season premiere of Lost (!) and the Project Runway reunion episode, which is sure to be chock full of drama! I won't get to watch PR until tomorrow night (damn you Time Warner-Durham and your crappy no Bravo-ness!), but my mom will almost certainly call me tomorrow morning and say (in a teasing, singsongy voice) "I got to watch Project Runway and yooooouuuu didn't!"

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Adrienne said...

Love love love Heroes. It's a DVR show so I don't watch it until the weekend, but love it. What was with Lost last night? Did she sleep with Jack's dad? And fish biscuits? Ew.