Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Broken foot-o-rama: the pictures!

I know you've been sitting there for the last few days thinking to yourself... 'Its all well and good that Lisa broke her foot and has a cast, but what good is this to me if I cannot see this myself, for my own amusement?' I'm here to tell you that your wait has ended - I had Brian take a picture of me this morning.

First, we have a picture of the toes. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of my foot before the cast went on, mostly because on that fateful Friday morning, I never suspected that I'd never see my foot again. Lucky for you my toes are hanging out of the front of my cast (so that I can constantly stub them) and you can at least see what they look like. Remember, I didn't hurt my toes, but they still look bad. Of course, my pedicure looks good though. Phew.

Next we have your full-body picture. In retrospect, this wasn't the best location to take the picture, because I'm wearing a brown shirt and my belly then gets obscured by the dark bathroom at the end of the hall. We might have to do a re-shoot, because I think you really need to see both of these features clearly to appreciate the full ridiculousness of this whole thing.

Finally, here's my 32 weeks belly picture.

I went to the OB yesterday, and he said (after pushing on my belly for a while) that the baby's head was now in the down position. Locked and loaded!! I'm going to trust him. I couldn't tell you where the baby's head was, thats for sure. There's some big body part (which I'm guessing is the baby butt) near my belly button that moves around sometimes (from one side of me to the other). The other night, the butt pushed itself so far out that I thought a baby butt might explode out of my belly.

Also, the OB said that if I needed to get a pin put in my foot, that was certainly do-able. So I called my orthopedist yesterday to discuss this, but I'm still waiting for him to call back. For some reason I don't think he's in the office on Mondays. I'd rather do that now for several reasons: a) hate the stupid cast, b) don't want to have to recover from a broken foot twice - once now, once when I end up needing the pin after I have the baby anyway and c) did I mention how much I hate the stupid cast? So hopefully sometime soon I will be having foot surgery and having a cast taken off of my stupid foot.


Heidi Ellis said...

See luckily I had the foresight to suggest mani's and pedi's when I visited. I must have had the sixth sense that this would be greatly needed.

Btw, the second picture (although this isn't what you were going for) makes you look really skinny. So I think it's great! :)

I say if you can get that surgery now, do it. Can you imagine having an infant to take care of and not be able to walk around? Uhhhh hello?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,I came across your blog and in a similiar situation minus the pregnancy part and the pink cast,I got black and I know how much you hate it because I hate it just as much i am sure,are you also stuck on crutches?I see your toes are just as purple as mine but mine are uglier no pedicure,lol so I wear a sock over my cast,just fits.As to surgery I had the option as wellbut chose the cast I am scared of surgery but the cast is a pain and uncomfortable and showering and getting dressed and getting around is so difficult but is surgery worth it,recovery time?Anyway feel free to e-mail me and complain,lol mortgagebank1@gmail.com,David.

Laura said...

Your toes look painful... but your pedicaure looks great!!