Thursday, October 19, 2006

Foot, jackasses, and maternity pants.

Well, things are starting to calm down a bit around here. The out-of-town visits are coming to an end (until Thanksgiving), the review I was working on (and immensely stressed about) is almost done. Now I'm working on my paper again, and I have to give a talk on the 30th. And thats about it as far as work goes. Phew!

My foot still hurts a lot and is all bizarrely bruised. The bruise is a traveling bruise too - when this first happened, my toes and ankle were completely unaffected, but now the bruise has migrated into toes AND ankle. Its lovely. I'll take a picture of it for you. I just hope you're not eating when you look at it. I have been managing to hobble around work, some days are better than others. I can tell today is going to be a bad day because its already hurting pretty badly, and I haven't even been walking around yet. I had a few days of feeling extremely sorry for myself. On more than one occasion, someone would ask me how I was doing and I would burst into tears. Which people love, I know. My friend at work was teasing me about being in a bad mood, but I think if she were 7 months pregnant with a broken foot, she might be a little bit pissy too. Anyhow, I'm feeling a little better about life now, so its probably safe to talk to me.

Last night was the Project Runway finale, which we'll get to watch today when it comes out on iTunes. I had every intention of not finding out who won, until I went over to E! online and saw a news headline telling me. Well, damn. And a word to the wise, if you don't know who won yet either, you might not want to read the rest of this paragraph because you'll be able to figure it out. Anyhow, I thought it was early enough in the AM that they wouldn't have anything up yet, but I guess not. Oh well. It was not who I wanted to win but who I thought might win anyhow, even though he's a humungous jackass. I guess this still stands: If you are evil, you will win.

I went maternity clothes shopping yesterday which was totally not fun. I actually went maternity clothes RETURNING yesterday. I have a bunch of maternity pants, but they're mostly shorts and capris. Now that its starting to get cooler (although its 85 today) I need some long pants. I'm having a hard time finding what I want, because now I'm big enough to really be picky about the kind of waistband on the pants - I only want that full panel, thanks. Mid-belly panel is workable as long as its not a crappy one that keeps folding over. I looked around a bit, but I actually had a hard time finding something that fit these criteria. But when Melissa was here, I bought a pair of jeans from Mimi Maternity. I paid full price for them ($68) which I hate because I'm only going to be wearing them for 2 more months + some postpartum time. I've had a fairly difficult time finding clothes, but not impossible. I have been able to wear size L pants for most of pregnancy but now I really need the XL, although many stores don't carry this size, which is crappy. Mimi Maternity, in general, does not carry XL, but they do apparently have a few styles that come in XL. So I got pretty much the only pair of jeans in the store that was a size XL. I put them on last week, and the little adjustable drawstring in the top broke the first time I tried to adjust it. Of course, I was already out of the house at this point, so the rest of the evening was spent hiking my pants back up. Maternity stores have crazy return policies. You can't return anything that you bought on sale. You have only 10 days to return things. You can't get a refund, only an exchange or a merchandise credit. Its a little bit ridiculous. I was still within my 10 day return period, so I wanted to return the broken pants. Since I didn't want to do any more walking than needed, I called them first to clarify their return policy for damaged items. It turns out that damaged items can only be exchanged for other items, you can't even get a credit. I was worried about this because I knew there weren't even that many things in the store in my size to start with. What if I couldn't find anything? I can't wear the shirts in there either, because no shirt encompasses my two-sizes-bigger-than-prepregnancy chest. Anyhow, I hobbled around and tried on practically every pair of L and XL pants in the store. I ended up getting two pairs of corduroys (which are in addition to a pair I bought the first time around). It was a lot of fun to try on pants with a broken foot, I have to tell you.


Adrienne said...

Have you tried Tar-jhay? I know my JC Penney's has a pretty good maternity section. You get this knowledge when your pregger friends make you tag along whilst they shop.
And by the way, I think that the Project Runway second place should have won, but that person will have an awesome clothing line anyway.

Lisa said...

i do have an almost entirely tar-jhay derived maternity wardrobe, but our target doesn't have as big of a section as the one where i initially got everything. last time i went i didn't have much luck, but i haven't been since i've been in the pants needing phase. old navy is also ok, but i don't like a lot of their waistbands, and their pants never fit me right anyhow.

ohh, i'm so sad about P-run. i'm hoping that the person i wanted to win will be the 2nd place finisher of which you speak... and there's no way its going to michael with that hideous sequined shirt we saw last week. even though i liked him, there's just NO WAY.

Heidi Ellis said...

I can't believe your friggin $68 jeans (a price I don't even pay for regular jeans) broke!

I was extremely surprised at who won Project Runway. I didn't mind him, but never thought he'd win. I thought the second place person had the best showing although I thought Michael did best throughout the whole competition but fell apart at the end.

Anonymous said...

What kind of friend would give you a hard time about being pissy when you are 7 months preggars with a broken foot?? Have you considered a note from oh wait, you already did that-only b/c I love you girlfriend!

Lisa said...

you're right sheri. i should have put you on notice!