Thursday, May 18, 2006

If you are evil you will win

And never was this more true than last night, when my least favorite team EVAH won 'The Amazing Race'. Sure, in the past there have been plenty of hateable teams mostly due to their jerkiness. BJ and Tyler took my hate to a new level with their CONSTANT MUGGING FOR THE CAMERA and STUPID HIPPY SCHTICK. Every time their faces came on the screen my blood would start to boil, just waiting to hear whatever stupid crap came out of their mouths. And yet, today they are a million dollars richer. Ugh.

ANTM was slightly more satisfying, if only because Jade (most Evil contestant EVAH) got eliminated in the first half of the show. I still thought Joanie should win, but oh well.

So Becky, what did you think??


Becky said...

The roller coaster roadblock was pure genius. Oh, how I wish someone had missed the sign the first time and had to go on the rides all over again. Other than that, not a very satisfying AR finale, since the stupid hippies won. They definitely have the luck of the evil, after being saved by the non-elimination leg TWICE!

I didn't see ANTM last night (still DVR-less). Don't worry, I spoiled the ending long before I got here. Apparently Danielle's southern accent became less of an issue after Tyra no longer had to think of stupid excuses for putting people in the bottom two to create drama.

Lisa said...

i also loved the roller coaster roadblock!!
didn't you think that when the damn hippies were talking about how they spoke japanese and were familiar with the country that they would totally screw it up a la the Guidos? whenever anyone says that, it usually means they're toast. i can't tell you how disappointed i was that this wasn't the case.

danielle was fine, but i think joanie got robbed. i thought danielle wasn't as good on the runway - she looked like she was just taking a stroll. but i liked them both, so it was ok (i.e. as long as jade was a goner, i didn't care what happened!).