Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Everyone on the road is a moron

Today the alarm went off at 6 AM, as it usually does, but I was tired and didn't have any pressing need to get to work early, so I decided to sleep in until 8. Aaaah, lovely sleep. I didn't pull up to work until around 10, which seems late if you have a real job, but science people are all about the lateness, so its no problem. Since I work at a government lab, we have to go through this whole showing-your-ID rigamarole to get on the premises - you do this when you drive up. There are two lanes to drive through, but there was only a security guard at one, so there were two cars in front of me. The first car must have been a non-employee of some sort, and they have to go through much more to get in, so another security guard went over to the second lane and waved the car in front of me to go over there (I think, actually, I couldn't see what was going on because the car in front of me was a big SUV). All I knew was that the person in front of me put her car into reverse. So I started to get my car into reverse, but before I had she started BACKING UP! I laid on the horn, but this didn't stop her at all, because she continued until she backed into my car. Hooray. My poor car is taking so much abuse. I got out of the car and I was like 'What the hell are you doing??' and her excuse was 'I have something big in the back of the car so I couldn't see behind me.' So, you DON'T BACK UP, IDIOT. Its not like its unusual that there would be someone behind you at this ID check stop. If you can't see? Don't go! Or ask the security guy who is standing next to you! He knew I was there!

Anyhow, the car is okay really. Also, its difficult to tell because the front of the car is already messed up from my pre-Christmas rear-ending someone incident (which I still haven't gotten fixed, I KNOW).


Special K said...

ok, as someone is continually accident and crappy karma prone, i understand your strife. ok, so this moron couldn't see you, but once you laid on the horn couldn't she hear you?? this seems like one impairment too many...get her off the road, she's a hazard.

Karl Broman said...

I've been front-ended like that twice, once just two weeks ago. Both times I wasn't able to find the car horn, or get the car into reverse.