Monday, May 22, 2006


Brian keeps me informed every year of whats going on in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is not something I had ever heard of here, but its a big exciting deal in Europe. Each country selects a song to represent them at the Eurovision contest (via an American Idol type voting system) and then someone wins. This year he was particularly interested in the Finnish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, Lordi. He sent me their website a couple of weeks ago, where I saw their upcoming tour advertised: "Bringing Back the Balls to Finland". Hee. And here's an article about them on the BBC. Lord have mercy on Finland, indeed.

Anyhow, today I saw on GFY that they won the whole mamma-jamma. So I totally had to listen. Here you can see their performance in the Eurovision final:

Make sure you stick around for the end, where his wings come up and his battle axe starts spewing fire. Its excellent.
I also enjoyed this interview with Mr. Lordi, where he said:

“Sure, some fans have seen us without costumes. But they won’t take any pics. And I also don’t wear my stage costumes when I walk my dogs.”


Heidi Ellis said...

ummm okaaay.

Special K said...

I think Mr. Lordi should wear his costume always.

Brian said...

Do these guys have a gimmick of some sort? I mean, most band have some sort of gimmick, but I just can't put my finger on theirs.

Lisa said...

i know, its totally subtle.