Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My night of TV

Look, I don't know what Amish is talking about with this whole 'No Appointment Viewing' thing. I do know that my ass will be FIRMLY planted in front of the TV tonight watching:
the two hour season finale of The Amazing Race featuring, as the finale usually does, a bunch of teams that I haaaaaaaate (notably BJ and Tyler and Eric and Jeremy) or don't really care that much about (Ray and Yolanda - though by the mere virtue of my not hating them, I'm rooting for them).

the finale of America's Next Top Model where I hope that Joanie wins, because I've loved her ever since this picture. However, I like Danielle too, so it will be ok if she wins. It will NOT be okay if Jade wins, because she is evil. Although, this also means that she has the luck of the evil.

a new episode of Lost, which I still think is the best show on TV.

Our DVR is going to be BURNING UP!


Heidi Ellis said...

I'll be watching baseball and American Idol. :) Although the DVR is always recording something.

Special K said...

Lisa, that picture of Joanie doesn't scare the crap out of you? she looks like Rainbow Brite in a manic phase.