Saturday, May 06, 2006

A neighborhood surprise

We were just at our neighborhood block party. We took Brian's parents over + a lot of beer (as did everyone else) (they didn't bring Brian's parents too, just the beer). I was chatting with a bunch of neighbors when one of them mentioned the lawyer who lives on our street. We don't really know him, but we see him around and say hi. Didn't know his name though. We just call him 'Popeye' because he's obviously a big fan of weight training. Anyhow, this neighbor says 'Yeah, he's a lawyer - and he just ran for District Court Judge!'


It turns out that my buddy "Naughty" Nauseef lives ON MY FREAKING STREET. I kid you not. What are the chances? Slim. Supa-slim.

I still can't get over that. I wish I had known! I would have told him to get a new campaign manager!

Anyhow, too bad, but he lost.

Although, our wonderful District Attorney Mike Nifong won, so obviously the Durham voters are smoking crack. I was REALLY shocked by that, because I didn't think anyone thought he was doing a good job with this Duke rape case. Either you think he's a complete doofus and publicity whore for taking it so far so quickly with so little evidence (and a negative DNA result), or you think he's a complete doofus for not arresting the entire team immediately. I figured Durham-ites would be split into those two camps (at least it seems that way from the news coverage), neither of whom I expected to vote for him. And yet, he won. So what do I know?


Annie said...

Oh my goodness. OH. MY. GOODNESS. You win the superfun neighbor contest hands down! I wonder if you live near me... I bet that guy makes for some great neighborhood gossip these days.

Lisa said...

Hee! Told you!