Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Other things that happened this week

This week is a busy one for me at work, I have to give journal club (haaaaate) and lab meeting later this week.

Brian's parents went to Kitty Hawk for a day (or possibly two) which I think they'll enjoy, especially in comparison to Fayetteville.

Karl was in Chapel Hill this weekend for a meeting, so we met up on Monday night for dinner, where we consumed $1.50 domestic drafts (and not just the crappy ones!) and Karl tried to convert me to Socialism.

We also had a good chromatin-y seminar at work and I learned how to change the bulb on the microscope. I know, its like non-stop excitement around here.

I finally bought our plane tickets to Herryn's July wedding, and let me tell you. I don't think North Dakota wants us to visit it. I'm serious, these plane tickets were more than what we generally spend to go to England. At Christmas. I did manage to get tickets into Grand Forks for a similar price as I could have into Fargo (which is apparently a bigger airport) so that was good. We just have a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis, but we'll live. I just got a Nintendo DS after all. We're looking forward to seeing everyone again - Kendra, who I haven't seen since our 10 year reunion, and Erin, who I haven't seen since sophomore year of high school!

Oh, and Brian planted my tomato plants, so I'm looking forward to some lucious tomato goodness.

And really? Thats about it.


smurphy said...

North Dakota...the 50th most visited state in the Union. Someone's got to be last.

Karl Broman said...

I'd forgotten about my socialist tirade, no doubt because of the $1.50 pints of Rogue Dead Guy Ale---cheaper than Happy Hour at the Hopkins School of Public Health. I think I had Lisa convinced for a bit, but probably that was just so I'd shut up.