Thursday, May 11, 2006

Most ungratifying presentation EVER

I just gave my journal club presentation to SEVEN PEOPLE.
I'm so glad I spent time working on it so that SEVEN PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT could bother to show up.

I HATE journal club.

I mean, I don't want to go to journal club any more than the next guy, believe me. But its ONCE A MONTH for NOT EVEN AN HOUR during LUNCH when you would be EATING ANYWAY and you could just EAT DURING JOURNAL CLUB.

Why even bother if no one is going to come? It doesn't help that none of the faculty go either. Today there was my boss and a friend of mine, and that was it. If the faculty don't make it seem like its important enough to attend, then no one in their labs will think its important either.



Heidi Ellis said...

Sorry no one showed up. That sucks.

Is this journal club something you have to belong to or is it like something you join like when you're in high school?

turducken said...

And what exactly do you do? Do you present journal articles you have published?

Lisa said...

I forget that all my readers are not science dorks. Its just a seminar series where you present other peoples published research that you think might be interesting to others.

Heidi Ellis said...

Yea we can't always be cool like you. :)