Thursday, April 19, 2007

I love it when I get scam emails that look relatively real until I realize that I don't have an eBay account. I bet people fall for these all the time:

Dear eBay Member

According to our site policy you will have to confirm that you are the real owner of the eBay account by completing the following form or else your account will be suspended within 24 hours.

Never share your eBay password to anyone!

Establish your proof of identity with ID Verify (free of charge) - an easy way to help others trust you as their trading partner. The process takes about 5 minutes to complete and involves updating your eBay information. When you're successfully verified, you will receive an ID Verify icon in your feedback profile. Currently, the service is only available to residents of the United States and U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Guam.)

To update your eBay information please click the link bellow:

One would have to hope though that actual eBay has some command of grammar ('Never share your eBay password TO anyone?!') and spelling ('click the link bellow').

Well, not much is going on here except that I've been working! I think its probably been a good way to get back into things: 2 weeks of part time and 2 weeks where my Mom was here. So I didn't have to go straight to daycare, I got to ease into it with still being at work but with a family member taking care of him. I've also had a few weeks to get used to the whole pumping thing. I'm still nursing exclusively, so I need to pump to leave something behind for Owen. So pretty much I spend an hour every day sitting by myself in a tiny room, alone with my thoughts and the whirring of my pump. Its a pain in the ass because we really don't have very good facilities for lactation and we have a lot of breastfeeding women who need to use it. So we each got scheduled two slots (I heard that recently there were even more breastfeeding women than there are now and everyone could only have ONE slot, which SUCKS). The whole scheduling thing is the biggest problem because there are natural breaks and downtime during experiments that I'm not able to take advantage of. I've been spending my pumping time listening to podcasts, so let me know if there are any good ones that you like. I know people say you can do work and stuff while you're doing it, but if I'm doing anything that requires any real active thinking it doesn't work as well. So, podcasts it is! When Owen starts daycare it will be nice because I can go over there at lunch to feed him myself. That will really help, because its hard to come up with three bottles worth with only two pumping sessions.

Wow. Wasn't that an exciting discussion? This is what its going to be like now that I'm a mom.

We also took Owen back to the cardiologist, as I've discussed (er... I mean as HE'S discussed) on his blog. I didn't get to stay long enough to see the doctor (even though I was there for over an hour an a half!) because I had to get to work where I was taking an Infant/Child CPR course. How handy that it was offered for free at work! The teacher was absolute crap though, but we got some booklets and stuff that will help me study and brush up on it.

For all of you who are looking for new music, my new favorite band is the Decemberists. My friend Dan is doing some music service of some sort (I don't remember what or how it works or anything) and he heard them on that, and then I heard them on his shared music library. I have a real tendency to get into something and listen to it over and over and over to the exclusion of anything else, and this is what I've been doing with the Decemberists.

I've talked before about how much I enjoy this sharing feature of iTunes. I only wish that the stuff you bought in the iTunes store was playable on more than five computers. I mean, maybe you shouldn't be able to play it DIRECTLY on more than five computers, but I think through a shared library (which you don't have access to 24/7) it should be open. Anyhow. The other week I noticed that someone had put up their music library called 'Hey J3N - I dig your music! Email me at *****', apparently in response to one of the other shared music libraries. I thought it was pretty funny and emailed Dan to tell him that someone was trying to pick up someone else in iTunes. A few days later I got an email from another friend at work that said 'Don't you think the title of your music library is a little bit confrontational?' I was very confused. But when I looked at the shared libraries, I saw that Dan had changed his to be called 'meandertail - your music selection is lousy and I hope we never meet'. Hee!

Well, Owen just woke up from his traditionally extremely short nap (40 minutes!), so its time to go!


peppersnaps said...

Great to hear an update, and glad things are going well back at work...

I love the Decemberists! You should definitely try to catch them live. I've been into them for a while, and have accumulated quite a library of their stuff, so if you want I can burn you an MP3 CD and mail it up! :)

My Life at 30 said...

Try Fenugreek Lis, my lacation specialist suggested (you can get at GNC) and will increase your milk supply in about a week or less. I suggested to my sis in law and she used as well. Don't worry your body will regulate through all these changes. I went back to work the exact same week as you. Only difference is that I am an exclusive pumping mom! My first Brooklyn never latched and Isabella was in the hospital for RSV so she also takes a bottle. But it is totally worth it! Another suggestion was blessed thistle. Good luck!

Owen said...

Hey, thanks V. I actually got some of that Mother's Milk tea, which I think has fenugreek and fennel. Tastes like crap (ok, actually it smells a lot worse than it tastes) and then my mouth has a funny sweet taste for the rest of the day. But I do notice that it makes a difference. I just always forget to drink it!

Wendy: definitely! I have Crane Wife and Picaresque but would be interested in whatever other stuff you have - and anything else you think I might like! I always like to hear new things!