Tuesday, April 10, 2007


(Gosh, remember back when I blogged? Yeah, NOT SO MUCH ANYMORE!)

(Oh - I've been meaning to say... I bought some shoes on endless.com and it was great! Overnight shipping was free PLUS you got $5 off your order. Try it!)

(OK. Here's what I actually meant to blog about.)

(Gosh, these pictures are taking FOREVER to upload!)

(No seriously. Like AN HOUR.)

The Wii is pretty cool in that its a video game system that EVERYONE likes to play, regardless of whether they're a video game dork like I am. My parents are here now and we've been playing Wii Sports. We also played with Brian's parents when they were here. I made a Mii for everyone (except Brian's mom - she played as my friend Sheri!):

I'm especially proud of the ones of my dad and Brian's dad. Every time they came up everyone in the room cracked up.


Jan & John said...

Hi Lisa, glad to see you're back on your blog again. Enjoy the Wii, it sounds as if your mum & dad enjoy it too. Love Jan & John (UK).

Adrienne said...

Beware of Miis! hehe A certain someone made the Mii of his sister-in-law all frowny (because she is constantly cranky!) and then she asked why she looked like that when that family came over. "Uh, they change expressions, your Mii doesn't always look like that." Somehow, they bought it. And everyone at his house keeps asking who Schmannie and Norah are. hehe