Saturday, November 10, 2007

2 years

Today is the two year anniversary of when my brother died.

This morning we all got together by phone with my dad and Jim, who were at the cemetary. We shared Ed stories over the phone, and they poured a beer over his grave. And I drank a beer for lunch.

Owen celebrated Ed's memory by taking a 3.5 hour nap.

It is hard to believe that we have gotten to this point already - two years later! That morning, I was so unsuspecting of how my life was just about to change forever.

So many things have changed in these two years. We have made lots of new friends, lost some people who turned out not to be friends after all. We decided to start having children, got pregnant and had Owen, who is almost a year old. Jim has a new (well... new in the last two years) girlfriend who we love and they bought their first house. My cousin got married, as did Herryn. We have gone on lots of trips to visit friends and family, and have had lots of friends and family come to visit us. We got Jasmine.

It has been a rough time, but a lot of wonderful things have happened too. I wish that Ed had been here to see them.


Heidi Ellis said...

I hope you know he has seen them, and I'm sure he's smiling at it all.

Love to you and your family.

patientgrl said...

Hi Lisa,
I know I haven't seen you in a while, but I think about you often. One of the things I will never forget about you is how much you love your brothers! It's amazing how time flies by, isn't it? My mom passed away 10 years ago this October! 10 freakin' years...and even though time seems to slip through our fingers, it still hurts to think about loved ones who are gone. I hope you're comforted by the fact that they continue to live through us and our memories. :)

donnah said...

thank you for sharing this reflection . . . i am constantly amazed about the passing of time and the "healing" of wounds, and i share your views on the bittersweet nature of life--the mixing of the good and the bad, the juxtaposition (referencing mr. gaucher from sophomore year vocabulary lessons) of birth with death.
sigh . . . it's hard.
i hope you got a little nap, too.

UK 'in-laws' said...

Lisa, Know that Ed will always be with you, he can see all. Memories will never fade. We're sure he enjoyed the beer. Take care, God bless, Love Jan & John.

peppersnaps said...

What a good way to remember Ed and celebrate his life. And also, to echo other comments, I'm sure he is smiling on you and sharing in your joy always!

Special K said...

Ed is there, he always will be, I know now how hard all this is, and my heart is with you and your family.
I love you girl