Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bento Boxes

Owen is eating table foods with us all the time now, and I am always running out of ideas as to what to make for him (usually same thing that we're eating, but this is not always suitable if we're eating something that doesn't translate well to finger foodness). Someone pointed me to a Flickr group about kids lunches. In there, people have annotated photographs of what they have sent for lunch for their kid that day. One person had these fantastic bento boxes that she makes. Check these out!! They're amazing.


Heidi Ellis said...

Holy crap! Those are ridiculous! I am going to be the worst mom ever.

Heidi Ellis said...

Oh btw, I remember seeing this blog about a woman who takes pictures of all her kids vegan meals she makes. Here's the addy:

It looks like she's actually getting a book published or something.