Friday, June 23, 2006

Card tricks

I totally love card tricks. Totally. In college I taught myself a few. One of them was really cool and I was good enough at it to really surprise people, but I can't remember it anymore. A few weeks ago we had gone out for pizza with some people I work with, and I left early because I was still secretly pregnant and not feeling so super. Brian and I had driven seperately (meeting after work), so he stayed to pay the bill. When he came home he told me about the awesome magician who had performed at their table, and I was really bummed that I had missed it. So tonight we went back so I could see him.

Oh. My. God. He was awesome. It was this guy. It was like David Blaine when he used to do actual tricks, except way less annoying. He did two card tricks and a quarters trick at our table, and I was totally gobsmacked. Even when I kind of had an idea of what I should be looking for, I still have no idea what he did. Totally awesome!

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kendra said...

you take that nasty comment about David back.