Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Everyone on the road is a moron, part 2

I wouldn't say that I really have road rage problems or anything, but people on the road do annoy me sometimes. I hate people who are so impatient that they have to drive three millimeters behind you, even if everyone in front of you is going exactly the same speed as you are. What do they think I'm going to do? I'll tell you what I'm certainly not going to do, and that is move over so you can pass me. In fact, I'll probably make it as difficult as possible FOR you to pass me. I'll slow down to pace the car beside me if I need to. If you're going to piss me off, I'm not going to make your life easier.

So I like to watch when asshole drivers get screwed by their asshole behavior. Yesterday I was driving home from work and was driving one way on a 2 lane road. Coming the other direction were two cars stopped - at least the first car was turning left, but was waiting for oncoming traffic to pass (i.e. me). There was an SUV behind them who obviously couldn't possibly wait for the two seconds it was going to take for these people to turn left, so he attempted to go around them on the right shoulder. Which would be fine if there were room for him to do so. Which there was not, so he ended up in the ditch instead. Ha! Moron. So he wasted infinitely more time trying to get out of the very steep ditch (and really, is lucky he didn't roll over, because it was looking pretty precarious) than he would have waiting for the people to turn.

I totally laughed and drove off.


Special K said...

for the love of god lisa, now is not the time to induce road rage or otherwise piss off other motorists. don't forget - you are with child.

Brian said...

You saw that? It took me forever to get out of that ditch.