Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Crazy cat lady

If you ever had any doubt that I was the Crazy Cat Lady, we can now confirm this. Today we brought home our new kitten, Jasmine! She's a long haired calico (an X inactivation cat! I always wanted one!).

Here she is sleeping on the shelf.

She's 6 weeks old and very very small. We got her from the vet's collection of Stray Fund kittens. She came in when she was two weeks old, with her brother (an orange tabby, short hair). They had been found in the grass collection bag of someone's lawnmower.

Here's a picture of her with Brian's hand, so you can get an idea of how small she is. Also, my GameBoy is behind her head.

We're happy to have another cat. We've been thinking about this ever since Smokey died. And besides: two cats = three cats = four cats. Once we got a second cat, adding another one is like nothing. And anyhow, Beamish is like the Invisible Cat. Really, its like we only have two other cats.


Heidi Ellis said...

However you want to rationalize it, Lisa. ;)

No seriously though, she's super cute. I want another kitty, but Matt won't let me unless he gets a dog, so yea...

Laura said...

So Cute!!!!!!!

kendra said...

what is an X inactivation cat?? you scare me a little. i do dig the cat nestled between the busoms. i, in fact, did spit my diet pepsi on the monitor when i saw it. thanks.