Thursday, June 01, 2006


Eve linked to this article on her blog, and I just skimmed over it. I wanted to point out a few qotes from the article:

Kanazawa's perhaps controversial perspective is that of an evolutionary psychologist. "Men conduct scientific research (or do anything else) in order to attract women and get married (albeit unconsciously)," he says. "What’s the point of doing science (or anything else) if one is already married? Marriage (or, more accurately reproductive success, which men can usually attain only through marriage) is the goal; science or anything else men do is but a means. From my perspective, scientists are no different than anybody else; evolutionary psychology applies to all humans equally," he adds.

Wha? Whaaaaaat?!?! If men are conducting scientific research in order to get a girl, they obviously skipped the class where they were instructed what women go for. And I like 'em dorky, people. This is a geek-o-phile telling you this. You're barking up the wrong tree.

Last month, when I attended a writers' conference in New York, one of the speakers was Sreenath Sreenivasan, an assistant professor and dean of students at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. A scene he described from his marriage evoked a vivid image in my mind. He was sitting against his pillow in bed with his laptop in hand. His busy, multitasking wife (a management consultant and mother of twin toddlers) was also working on a laptop, seated right beside him. The two were tending electronically to their demanding jobs, but they were also instant messaging each other, obviously on the same emotional "bandwidth" in their devotion to both career and marriage.

Okay, please. I remember once in my freshman year of college when I was hopelessly addicted to IRC, Nathan and I were sitting in the SAME ROOM on TWO DIFFERENT COMPUTERS IRCing TO EACH OTHER. And mostly, I think we just thought it was hilarious (and we weren't even drunk). But COME ON. If you are sitting right next to eachother in bed and you're IM'ing each other? This does not imply being devoted to your marriage. This implies being REALLY LAME. It takes longer to type what you're saying than it does to just say it, for gods sake.

Many scientists complain that the very nature of a science career limits opportunities to find a partner. "Much of science is disproportionately male," says Chad, an engineering trainee. "There were weeks during graduate school where I literally did not speak to a female. I also remember attending parties of 50 people or more, yet you could count the women on one hand; all of whom were taken."

Where we work, I think there is one reasonably attractive single man, and every single woman is vying for his attention. Its sort of amusing. So hey guys! Come work here!

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